Primerus Law Firm

Primerus is an international network of top-rated, independent, law firms that have earned the right to display the Primerus seal of quality. Candidates for membership must have the maximum AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the peer review rating source that lawyers use to find other lawyers. Further, a law firm must submit to a rigorous evaluation which includes candid assessments from judges, fellow attorneys, current and former clients, bar associations, and malpractice insurance carriers. Firms must also attest to their commitment to the exacting standards of the Six Pillars of Primerus Quality: Integrity, Excellent Work Product, Reasonable Fees, Continuing Legal Education, Civility, and Community Service. And it doesn’t end there. Primerus firms are audited annually to ensure that they continue to be the “best of the best,” year after year.

Primerus law firms are located in over 100 cities throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom, and many other countries throughout the world. Collectively, Earp Cohn and the other Primerus firms offer expertise in hundreds of practice areas. When you need business or personal counsel for a particular legal concern or in an unfamiliar location, the Primerus alliance of independent, top law firms gives you access to experienced lawyers you can trust with the knowledge you need. Earp Cohn clients can contact us for their legal needs, and we can coordinate their legal work with Primerus firms throughout the world.

Individually, Primerus law firms are not large; but together, Primerus firms can be looked upon as one of the nation’s largest law firms with scores of specialties, and offices continent-wide. For corporate clients, this nationwide scope simplifies the process of finding great lawyers in multiple jurisdictions. Because of their knowledge of the personal and professional qualifications of fellow members, Primerus attorneys are able to refer clients to other Primerus attorneys with confidence. No referral fees are involved; referrals are simply an added benefit of doing business with a Primerus law firm.

Working with independent small or medium-size firms offers distinct advantages. These include the ongoing access to senior partners offering depth of knowledge and years of experience, as well as commitment to excellence, reasonable fees, and responsive service