Mar 2018

Committee on Federal Relations

Michael J. Haviland, Esquire, attended a meeting with the New Jersey Legislature’s Assembly Committee on Oversight, Reform, and Federal Relations on March 5, 2018. The Committee met to discuss the impact of prospective marijuana legislation on the public health, criminal justice system, and economy in New Jersey.

Numerous individuals and company representatives spoke before the Committee, including Colorado State Representative and Chair of the Colorado House Finance Committee Dan Pabon; Treasurer of the Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board and author of the Massachusetts cannabis adult use law Shanel Lindsay; and former executive director of the New Jersey Republican State Committee Rob Cressen.

The speakers discussed multiple topics including the desire for home delivery and easier access to the medical marijuana companies presently operating in New Jersey. Also mentioned were potential economic impact zones for marijuana companies and the feasibility and availability of THC and CBD level testing instruments for police officers.

The program was well attended and informative.