Entertainment/Sports Law


Our team is passionate about the success of our entertainment clients.  We provide services which give our entertainment clients the voice and the power to take their careers to the next level. Our clients vary across film, music, music, television, radio, theater and other live entertainment, book, magazine and newspaper publishing.

Our services include drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts, including recording contracts, music publishing contracts, streaming rights, production contracts, artist management contracts, performance contracts, talent contracts, syndications contracts, endorsement contracts, composer contracts, development deals, and distribution deals for motion picture, television, video on demand, and DVD.

We also work with our clients on rights acquisitions for entertainment productions in all media, which includes counseling in all areas of intellectual property including trademark licenses and copyright counseling.

Sports Law

One of our greatest achievements is to help our sports clients thrive.  We represent professional, collegiate, and amateur athletes and coaches in all aspects of the sports industry that will affect their careers.

From team and league contract negotiations, endorsement and sponsorship deals, media company deals (including online and broadcast programming deals), marketing, promotions, privacy, domain name, social media, and other intellectual property matters.  Sports sponsorships, including venue partnerships, and event contracts.

We also advise our sports clients with personal endeavors such as setting up non-profits and separate business enterprises that will help our clients grow personally and professionally.

Our goal is to ensure our sports clients are rewarded for their talent and are put on a path of continued success throughout their lifetime.

Contact a member of our Entertainment and Sports Law team today to assist you with achieving your goals.