Media Law

Communications Law

Our clients receive our breadth of knowledge and experience in dealing with matters before the Federal Communications Commission.

Our team has collectively prosecuted thousands of applications in the Media and Wireless Bureaus that include everything from routine engineering filings to license renewal, transfer and assignment and ownership reports.  Our vast knowledge of communications law also includes rulemaking and non-rulemaking proceedings, handling enforcement investigations and actions, and auctions.

Earp Cohn also has a great working relationship with many FCC staff members.  We work with clients of all sizes from mega conglomerates to single station owners.  We provide clients, no matter the size of their operation, zealous representation to achieve the best outcome.

Advertising Law

In the advertising space, we represent clients with regulatory compliance (e.g., FCC and FTC), intellectual property issues (trademark and copyright), consumer protection issues, unfair competition, and privacy matters.

We know that the legal requirements surrounding advertising are often technical and are not intuitive so that is why we stay on top of all emerging issues regarding advertising law to give our clients the best advice available.

We also have almost two decades of experience in reviewing and drafting advertising contracts from agencies and brands.  Our experience also extends to reviewing advertising copy for compliance with all mediums from broadcast radio and television to the internet.

In the event that our clients are faced with claims of false advertising, we bring a wealth of experience on their behalf in false advertising court cases, including having represented major clients in state and federal false advertising cases, including major class actions.

Promotions Law

Our team includes attorneys who have personally developed hundreds of contests and promotions on local and national levels, with extensive experience in promotions law.

We reviews and drafts sweepstakes and contest rules to ensure compliance. Our attorneys assist clients in launching promotions on all media platforms including broadcast radio and television, newspaper, online, mobile, and social media.

Attorney Carrie Ward authored the watershed Petition that successfully changed the FCC’s outdated contest rules to finally permit online disclosures.


Technology Law

In a world where technology is changing at a rapid pace in this global economy, Earp Cohn prides itself on staying on top of the latest developments in technology law and bringing our knowledge directly to our clients so they can lead the pack in this competitive space.

We work with innovative clients in forming their software (including SaaS, IaaS, DaaS, PaaS, MBaaS products) or hardware business, protecting intellectual property, licensing issues, complex contract negotiation, consumer privacy issues, cybersecurity, mergers and acquisitions and more.

Our team works with many tech clients from the ground floor on up, as part of their team of trusted advisors. We continue to serve in an advisory capacity at all levels of their business to help our clients succeed. We seek to provide trusted counsel and guidance to our clients every step of the way.

Media Business Law

We counsel radio, television, digital, mobile, gaming, film, music, publishing, advertising, newspaper, magazine, and multimedia clients on the day-to-day matters affecting all aspects of their media related business.

We work with our clients on employment issues, defamation issues (i.e., libel and slander), access to information issues (e.g., Freedom of Information Act), First Amendment and censorship issues, intellectual property issues (i.e., trademarks and copyrights), insurance issues, endorsement issues, content licensing issues, advertising issues, and branding issues.  Our firm has represented clients in landmark libel and slander actions, protecting their rights and interests in the truth being published.

We also draft and review music royalty contracts, sports rights contracts, event contracts (e.g., artist agreements, venue agreements, stage and lighting agreements), agency contracts, audience ratings contracts, and all vendor contracts required for operation of a media related business.

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