Non-Profit Enterprise

Representing non-profit entities exempt from taxation under the US Internal Revenue Code.

Our non-profit enterprise attorneys represent and counsel both large and small entities that are exempt from taxation under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Non-profit exempt organizations can include a wide range of entities including large private foundations, public charities, health care organizations, schools and universities, charitable trusts, civic-welfare and/or charitable organizations, community organizations, industry organizations, sports leagues, and family foundations.

The business needs of tax exempt organizations are very specific and unique. Depending upon the assignment, the work often requires drawing on the expertise of other lawyers within the firm since there are many complex issues that can arise, including those related to personal or corporate planning, tax, corporate law, intellectual property, litigation, health care, ERISA, labor and real estate.

The firm has successfully represented non-profit clients from the initial stages of start-up, through forming and obtaining IRS 501C(3) designations as tax-exempt organizations, to providing long term, ongoing legal advice and representation.

General corporate operation issues requiring unique methods of handling for non-profits include:

  • Asset protection
  • Benefits
  • Contracts with vendors
  • Copyright and trade matters
  • D&O insurance
  • Fiduciary obligations
  • Financial and tax matters
  • Fundraising
  • Government Structuring
  • Investments
  • Licensing
  • Personnel Issues

Real estate and leasing matters

When conducting business, non-profit entities face the same issues as corporate businesses but with very different rules that apply to their operation. Our attorneys have experience working with these entities and are there to provide advice and counsel to help them succeed in their mission.