Mar 2020

What Earp Cohn PC is doing during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Greetings to our clients, friends, and colleagues:

We at Earp Cohn PC will do all that is necessary to remain available to you and to protect your health during Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have in place a plan that sees to it that our firm continues to provide full service during this challenging time. Because businesses such as law firms have been obliged to close physical offices in some areas, we will undertake measures to keep our clients, employees and colleagues safe while we continue to offer the professional service you deserve.

Fortunately, we have continuously invested in advanced technology that will allow our professionals to perform virtually all of their work from home if necessary.

Also, for the near term, we have taken the following safety measures:

  1. Part of our New Jersey office staff is working remotely. The rest will work from our offices from 9 AM to 5 PM weekdays.
  2. Our lawyers will avoid non-essential travel.
  3. We will restrict in-office and face-to-face meetings to the extent possible. We will still be available to meet your service needs, but ask that you not come to the office within two weeks of air travel unless it is urgent. We will of course arrange telephonic and video conference meetings.
  4. For in-court matters, we try to appear by telephone or video. Both our state courts and our local federal courts recognize the importance of emergency precautions, and will be extending schedules wherever necessary in the interests of justice. Most court appearances have been postponed or are occurring by teleconference.
  5. Like most businesses, we are advising our employees to take common sense steps like social distancing and other personal hygiene measures. We have arranged for additional office cleanings and have anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer ready for you.

Should it become necessary for us to close both of our physical offices – call us as you normally would. Leave a voicemail, which will be sent via email immediately. We will maintain full service even if your lawyer is working remotely.

We hope that you and all of our Earp Cohn family remain safe and healthy and that our lives return to normal as soon as possible.