The Bankruptcy practice group provides counseling, representation, and other financial services in corporate bankruptcy.

At times businesses may find themselves in unfavorable financial situations for many reasons: management issues, bad investments, overextension of credit, unforeseen extraordinary circumstances, economic downturns, and so on. One viable solution in these circumstances is to file for bankruptcy protection under the Bankruptcy Code. This financial restructuring option is a legitimate tool in today’s world and has become a widely-used strategy in the commercial environment.

Earp Cohn P.C. lawyers represent creditors and debtors, counseling our clients both before and after bankruptcy, working with each one individually to find workable solutions. We approach these cases with both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy solutions in mind. We also handle distressed real estate projects, applying an interdisciplinary approach, combining the expertise of our bankruptcy, real estate, redevelopment, and corporate, business and tax practice groups to help these projects weather the current economic environment.

Whether working with an entire company, or a division or business unit of a larger company, our lawyers are adept at helping our clients restructure and reach their goals. In addition to serving our primary South Jersey and Greater Philadelphia markets, our attorneys have national expertise, having worked in other areas of the country, such as San Francisco, Boston, Delaware and New York.

Our bankruptcy lawyers have substantial expertise in commercial bankruptcy law as both practicing lawyers and as business professionals prior to their careers in private legal practice. They are involved in many complex commercial bankruptcy matters on both the debtor and creditor sides, including pre-bankruptcy counseling, workout issues, bankruptcy filings, and litigation. Our commercial bankruptcy practice includes:

  • Bankruptcy Appellate Matters
    Representing clients who are involved in disputes or lawsuits arising separately from larger bankruptcy cases.
  • Chapter 11 Reorganizations
    Pursuing a number of mechanisms and tools for the reorganization of businesses and other corporate entities.
  • Commercial Chapter 7 Liquidations
    Providing a fresh start for individuals by eliminating obligations to certain creditors. We also serve as bankruptcy trustees.
  • Commercial Landlord Representation
    Handling sticky tenant situations when there is a need to legally remove the tenant from the premises or pursue administrative claims.
  • Creditor Representation
    Representing creditors who are pursuing claims against debtors, defending preference actions, and providing crisis management advice.
  • Debtor Representation
    Aiding parent companies, business units, or divisions of companies in financial distress, including negotiating new contracts to help these entities out of debt.
  • Preventative Advice and Counseling
    Advising start-up and other companies on avenues to pursue in order to obtain capital to grow or work out of financial difficulty.
  • Workout Counseling
    Helping companies negotiate more workable contracts and loan transactions outside of bankruptcy with suppliers and other business partners in order to cut costs and manage cash flow.

The current economic climate has led to an increasing number of financially troubled real estate projects. Our distressed real estate practice combines multiple practice groups to help our clients succeed in today’s economic conditions. Our bankruptcy, real estate, redevelopment, litigation, corporate, business and tax practice groups work together for successful outcomes for our clients, whether by restructuring, workouts, identifying advantageous opportunities, or pursing other creative solutions.

The legal issues resulting from distressed real estate extend beyond the scope of real estate or bankruptcy law. These cases also bring up corporate, tax, construction, and employment issues, and may lead to litigation as a result of contracts between the real estate developer and business partners or contractors. Our philosophy is to take a holistic approach, considering all of the legal issues and parties involved, and addressing the full spectrum of our client’s needs.

At Earp Cohn P.C., our bankruptcy attorneys have a wealth of experience in bankruptcy, financial restructuring, land use and development, and various real estate transactions with a wide variety of entities. We also have the hands-on market experience working with developers and lenders to take a business-oriented approach and provide cost-effective and efficient solutions for our clients.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.