Warranty Defense

Representing businesses, including vehicle manufacturers, involving various breach of warranty issues.

At Earp Cohn, our warranty defense attorneys have expertise in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania in defending businesses, including vehicle manufacturers, from breach of warranty claims.

Our warranty defense attorneys have expertise regarding the unique laws applicable to vehicle manufacturers and distributors, including the Uniform Commercial Code, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, consumer fraud acts, and unfair trade practice statutes.

We have handled numerous cases involving:

  • breach of contract
  • breach of implied warranties
  • consumer Fraud Act claims
  • deceptive and unfair trade practice claims
  • Lemon law claims
  • Magnuson Moss Federal Warranty Improvement Act
  • UCC – Uniform Commercial Code
  • vehicle warranty claims

Our years of practice in this area have provided our team with deep insight and experience that this unique area of the law demands, translating into cost savings for our clients as we need not “reinvent the wheel.”  We have litigated hundreds of warranty cases up to and including trial, and our clients benefit from our knowledge of applicable and often fact specific defenses, enabling us to promptly and cost effectively evaluate cases for disposition.  We provide practical and efficient resolution with our clients’ goals of customer satisfaction in mind. We will assertively litigate any appropriate cases to address frivolous claims.