Commercial Litigation

Earp Cohn handles corporate, contractual and real estate disputes, both routine as well as sophisticated and complex matters, including contentious shareholder or partnership disputes over company control, antitrust litigation between competitors, and other “bet the company” cases.

Commercial litigation is the heart of Earp Cohn P.C.’s litigation practice. Our broad experience includes cases as varied as shareholder disputes among the owners of closely-held businesses, to suits seeking payment of significant overdue accounts receivable, to representing Fortune 100 companies in nationwide consumer fraud class actions and antitrust litigation. Our experience in taking such cases to trial enables us to advise our clients professionally, and confidently present their positions in court. Through many years of experience, we are sensitive to the long and short-term impact litigation can have on an organization’s future and resources. It is critically important to select an attorney who knows how to properly evaluate the evidence in a given situation, prepare for trial of the matter, and employ the most appropriate legal action – whether that be settlement or pressing ahead to a successful trial result. The skilled and experienced litigators at Earp Cohn have both advised clients in commercial disputes, and represented them in court for many years.

Commercial litigation includes a variety of matters, ranging from routine commercial and contractual disputes to complex and sophisticated ones. Earp Cohn P.C. attorneys have represented clients in hotly-contested litigation matters in the state and federal courts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as throughout the country. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing such clients in both state and federal trial courts and in appeals after trial.

A good commercial litigator will be both an advocate and an advisor, able to understand the benefits and risks of taking a case to trial, and ready to do so when necessary. Hiring an attorney who can serve both of these roles well is vitally important when your case is at stake. At Earp Cohn, we recognize that we have two roles: to represent our clients as zealous advocates in court and to give our clients wise counsel concerning their litigation matter. When our clients’ positions need vindication, we take their cases to trial; when their interests are better served by settlement, we work tirelessly to negotiate the best possible outcomes.

Contractual disputes among businesses and individuals make up a substantial portion of the litigation Earp Cohn P.C. attorneys handle.

Our lawyers have broad experience in many areas of commercial litigation including:

Construction and Lien Disputes
Employment Discrimination
Environmental Liability
ERISA and Employee Benefits
Insurance Coverage and Claims
Performance Bonds

Product Liability
Property Tax Assessments
Property Titles
Real Estate
Trade Regulation
Toxic Tort Claims
Wrongful Discharge

When preparing a case, it is often necessary to hire experts to testify about potential liability, or to help with valuation and damage issues, which may be crucial to a case’s outcome. Earp Cohn P.C. lawyers are skilled and experienced at selecting and working with experts, accountants, and other professionals to present a client’s case in the best possible light. After years of solid, hands-on experience, we understand when professional expert testimony is necessary to properly present a client’s case, as well as when it would just be an unnecessary cost.

It is our mission to provide our clients with the most effective, practical legal advice and counsel. We strive to ensure that our client’s litigation matter is handled with the utmost diligence and professionalism.